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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes My Life Feels Like a "Saturday Night Live" Skit

A high-heeled ladies shoe.                                  Image via Wikipedia

Picture the scene. You're in the bathroom and your four year old opens the door (without knocking, of course). He's wearing nothing but camoflauge bikini briefs (his), white socks, and very high heels (yours).

Then, in a style reminiscent of Mondo Mango from "Saturday Night Live", he sashays in and picks up the plunger.

He says with the eerie calm of an evil dictator, "the next time you and Daddy are bad (holds plunger high), I'm going to use this (demonstrates best plunging move)."

"That's the RUE-ELLS! (rules)." Then, he turns and walks out.   
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